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Enschu Musical Instruments Production
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Enschu Musical Instruments Production Inc. is a new piano manufacture and trade company born in western Shizuoka, the center of musical instrument production in Japan.
Our experience in advanced and precise piano manufacturing techniques and trade, positions us to provide import and export services supporting piano lovers worldwide.


The “Made in Japan” label is a symbol of high quality and added value. At Enschu, skilled Japanese craftsmen with many years’ experience produce our instruments.

We are also a part of the German Harrodser Group’s Asia strategy, which enables us to achieve high level work in all areas of piano craftsmanship — from woodworking which requires precision, to delicate mechanical and musical tuning, to varnishing the instruments.
We manufacture and ship high-quality pianos throughout Asia under the brand name Enschu.


germany harrodser group

“The Harrodser was a piano first appeared in 1840, which was handmade by Harold Bauer’s father, Robert Bauer. Piano Harrodser was entered into market as a customized piano really in the end of 19th century, which was designed and produced by the great piano master W. Danemann in 1893 with piano brand Harrods .”

“Since its inception, Harrodser has always adhered to make “The best piano” (Harrods Forever)” as its core concept brand and paid particular focus on the piano manufacturing technology and R&D. It takes several generations of Harold’s family with unremitting process and technological innovation to win the reputation of the piano manufacturing experts and respects of musicians and great masters all over the world. “

Refurbished Pianos

At Enschu Musical Instrument Production Inc. we have an extensive network of purchasers to acquire quality used pianos throughout Japan.
The number of high-quality used pianos in Japan remains steady due to factors such as a declining population, concentration in urban areas, and the downsizing of homes.
Japanese domestic piano manufacturers such as YAMAHA and KAWAI, which are popular throughout Japan, maintain excellent quality and durability. This is manifested by the fact that even after they are used over some time, the pianos maintain quality sound and structure with proper maintenance. Our staff include experts in refurbishing quality used instruments.

We have a reliable supply of top-quality refurbished pianos for retail companies looking for a stable source of high caliber used pianos.
We are eager for partnerships with reliable agents who need a dependable provider of “Made in Japan” brand name instruments.


We are proud to be the sole provider of Harrodser pianos in Japan.
Harrodser Group Germany is well-versed in foreign markets, experienced in working in multiple cultures and languages, and has more than a century of skill and knowledge in piano craftsmanship.
We at Enschu, believe that Harrodser pianos are a quality product that provides solid competition for domestic piano manufacturers such as YAMAHA and KAWAI. We look forward to the opportunity to bring Harrodser pianos to the top of the market in Japan.


Company Name
Enschu Musical Instruments Production Inc.
1-4-10 A-1,Shin Miyakoda, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 431-2103, Japan
Makoto Iwasa

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