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Enschu Musical Instruments Production
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Enschu Musical Instruments Production Inc. is a new piano manufacture and trade company born in western Shizuoka, the center of musical instrument production in Japan.
Our experience in advanced and precise piano manufacturing techniques and trade, positions us to provide import and export services supporting piano lovers worldwide.

EXPORT BUSINESSGet the best - Made in Japan

Most piano players, from amateurs to professionals, trust the Japanese piano brands such as YAMAHA and KAWAI and wish or seek to own one of them.
Most likely, it is because of the Japanese products’ "advanced technology", "detailed craftsmanship" and "hospitality spirit" which guarantee the buyer a sense of peace and satisfaction.

For most piano players, a piano is not like consumable goods -- food and detergent -- or something that can be replace often. They desire to play their piano long as possible, perhaps even hoping to keep it all their lives. So, indeed the smart piano player will most likely purchase a Japanese brand.

However for those in the piano business, the common idea in the piano market has been: "the made in Japan pianos do not make a profit."

Profit for the piano dealer, satisfaction for the customer

Enschu Musical Instrument Production Co., Ltd. is the ideal Japanese maker and retailer of the beautiful and finest pianos for you. The trustworthy Japanese piano brand which is affordable and reliable is here for you! This is the Enschu piano which we produce. And we offer you new business possibilities.

Our product portfolio(models for export /
made in Japan)

  • ENSCHU E116



  • ENSCHU E121



  • ENSCHU E123



  • ENSCHU E126



  • ENSCHU E133



  • ENSCHU E150



  • ENSCHU E160



  • ENSCHU E170



  • ENSCHU E186



“Certificates of origin”, as pianos produced (assembled and fine-tuned) in Japan, can be issued for all pianos of the Enschu brand.

Refurbished Pianos

At Enschu Musical Instrument Production Inc. we have an extensive network of purchasers to acquire quality used pianos throughout Japan.
The number of high-quality used pianos in Japan remains steady due to factors such as a declining population, concentration in urban areas, and the downsizing of homes.
Japanese domestic piano manufacturers such as YAMAHA and KAWAI, which are popular throughout Japan, maintain excellent quality and durability. This is manifested by the fact that even after they are used over some time, the pianos maintain quality sound and structure with proper maintenance. Our staff include experts in refurbishing quality used instruments.

We have a reliable supply of top-quality refurbished pianos for retail companies looking for a stable source of high caliber used pianos.
We are eager for partnerships with reliable agents who need a dependable provider of “Made in Japan” brand name instruments.

IMPORT BUSINESSInvite a fresh breeze into the Japanese market

The era of mass production and mass consumption is passing away, and the way consumers choose pianos is beginning to change. Instead of buying a so-called “famous brand” unconditionally, it is the age in which you should choose a piano based on your own sense. We do no rely on the “name-recognition” of the pianos manufactured around the world, but supply the Japanese market from abroad by discovering fine products that fit the taste and style of the individuality of player and performer.


Company Name
Enschu Musical Instruments Production Inc.
2150-7, Mikatahara-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 431-2103, Japan
Makoto Iwasa

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